Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Volunteer Experience

What’s it like to volunteer for WRV? AWESOME! You’ll have fun, meet new friends, and spend your time on projects that really make a difference to Colorado’s beautiful wild places. No experience necessary. All ages welcome. Check out our volunteer calendar and volunteer testimonials.


Anyone of any age can volunteer for most projects, subject to minimum age requirements (more info).


WRV’s outdoor projects take place along the Colorado Front Range from Fort Collins to Denver and we travel to the far corners of our fair state as well. You can help restore wetlands, creeks, rivers, prairie, and mountains.


WRV projects happen mostly March through November of each year, on weekdays and weekends, during the day and in the evenings, for a few hours or for several days. You can search by date on our volunteer calendar.


Because our projects are fun, friendly, and we get stuff done! WRV supplies the tools, the meals (vegetarian and omnivore options), the professional project management, and a wonderful community.


You control your physical contribution. Gather or scatter native seeds, spread mulch, grab a shovel, wedge out a boulder, build a trail, plant willows, pull weeds, chop down trees (if you complete our sawyer training), or volunteer in our fun-loving office or at an event.

Pick a role that suits you:


“…WRV accomplishes something that few others do – the ability to take a group of random volunteers and achieve a shared goal for a greater purpose!”

A Typical WRV Day

Volunteers show up at the appointed place and time to meet each other and get organized. The project leader provides a brief orientation of the work to be done and how to use any tools that will be needed. Volunteers then organize themselves into small groups, each with a friendly and positive crew leader who will ensure their safety, guide their work, and answer any questions that arise. Once in the field, each group tackles a small section of the restoration area and then moves on to another section as needed. At the end of the project day there is usually a get-together over refreshments and a quick review of all that was accomplished. On overnight projects, yummy dinners and breakfasts are provided.

Got a question about volunteering?
Check out our FAQ, or contact us at info@wrv.org or 303-543-1411 and press “1” for an available staff member.

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