Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Land Managers

WRV can help you meet your land stewardship goals with minimal effort from your field staff while engaging the public in a very positive way. WRV has worked with dozens of local, state, and federal land agencies and land trusts since 1999. We run projects with public land agencies and private partners with easements or protected lands, from the plains, to the top of Colorado’s 14ers, across the state and into Wyoming.

As WRV continues to expand efforts in creating a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment, we want to share some of the ways in which we are doing so in our Partners Document. We encourage our agency partners to join us on this journey.

WRV services for land agency projects

  • Recruit and handle all communication with volunteers.
  • Provide highly trained volunteers to lead crews and manage project.
  • Provide all needed tools.
  • Feed the volunteers.
  • Write grants to help fund projects.
  • Do technical design work.
  • Hire and manage heavy equipment contractors.
  • Order materials and coordinate with material vendors.
  • Conduct site monitoring of restored sites.


Tell us about your project

We welcome proposals for all types of projects at any stage of development, whether you just have an idea, or you’re ready to put volunteers in the field.
For more information on what we are looking for, see our Project Selection Criteria.

Start a conversation with us by September 1.
Applications are accepted at any time, but our project schedule fills up fast. Early applications are considered immediately.

If you are just beginning to assess what your project needs are, it’s best to give us a call (303) 543-1411 ext. 101, or email kevin@wrv.org.  If you already have a plan, fill out an application form with as much information as you can provide. The more information you can provide, the better we can understand your needs. We are happy to work with all stages of development for a project–from just an idea, to projects with a full design that are shovel-ready.

Once we receive your application, we will schedule a site visit with you to scout your project. This helps us to better understand the project scope, site logistics, technical concerns, and your expectations.

WRV’s track record

Our track record includes (as of early 2018): over 1,000 projects completed, 490,000 volunteer hours, 322 active trained leaders, 96,705 ft of trail built, 134,465 ft of trail closed, 243,855 ft of road obliteration, 271,895 ft of stream channel restored, 281,627 native plants installed, 27,982,000 square ft of burn area seeded, and 7,687 acres weeded.  We’ve been building a trained and skilled community of stewards for 18 seasons now, and they’re ready to take on your next project.

Land Manager Testimonials

Jeff Thompson, Natural Resource Stewardship Coordinator, Colorado Parks and Wildlife:
“I am consistently amazed at how WRV harnesses the satisfaction that comes from doing good work to help the land, combines it with amazing expertise in ecological restoration, and has the result be a community of volunteers that have fun while working hard to make positive change for our environment.”

David Hirt, Boulder County Parks and Open Space:
“WRV has been a real asset to our agency. Their ability to mobilize large groups of dedicated volunteers has allowed us to complete restoration projects that may be beyond the scope of our staff or budget. Not only do they bring real technical skills to the projects, but also an enthusiasm for building community, having fun, and improving our natural areas that is contagious.”

Jean Thomas, Hydrologist, Canyon Lakes Ranger District and Pawnee National Grassland:
“Volunteering is an important avenue to understanding good stewardship principles. The volunteers that have worked on forest projects with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers are valuable partners in spreading good stewardship principles.”