Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Youth and Family

Youth are often told they are the stewards of tomorrow, but WRV believes there’s no point in waiting until then. Our youth and family programs are focused on giving young people the access, motivation, and skills they need to be environmental leaders today. Nearly 5,000 young people have engaged so far!

Family- and Youth- Friendly Projects

Family-friendly projects offer a safe, fun environment for families and children to explore nature and make a difference together. Some of our projects even involve hands-on learning activities like making seed balls, catching butterflies, or wading in the creek with experienced environmental educators. We also believe it’s important that youth see how caring for and enjoying nature go hand-in-hand, so our new Recreation and Restoration (R&R) activities offer a chance to volunteer in the morning and then try out new outdoor skills, like climbing or snowshoeing, in the afternoon.

Schools and Youth Groups

WRV offers a variety of ways for schools and youth organizations to get involved.

Youth Leadership

WRV’s Youth Leadership Program gives youth a chance to take their stewardship skills to the next level. WRV youth leaders participate in ongoing skill-building and community-building opportunities over the course of the season. Youth can choose from several pathways to leadership, from High School Crew Leader training to an annual leadership summit to participating in the WRV Youth Leadership Development (WYLD) Program.

Lafayette Youth Corps

The Lafayette Youth Corps is a local leadership opportunity providing up to 10 high school-aged youth who live in the City of Lafayette with a paid environmental job opportunity that also supports their social and emotional wellness needs and allows them to explore careers in natural resources. In a collaborative partnership with WRV, Cottonwood Institute, Thorne Nature Experience, and Lafayette Open Space, interns meet weekly from September through April to work on a variety of restoration tasks across the city. Activities include constructing new trails, planting native shrubs and trees, removing invasive plant species, engaging in enrichment activities to learn more about the outdoors, and much more.

Did you know? Youth today spend less than 30 minutes a day outside but over seven hours in front of a screen. WRV provides safe, meaningful, and fun opportunities for youth to engage with nature.

To learn more, contact Anna DeGolier at 303.543.1411 x 116.