Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

About the Board

Board Role

The WRV board has overall responsibility for the WRV organization and is charged with its supervision and oversight. Each board member works closely with other board members and the executive director to help WRV fulfill its mission and act in accordance with its core values.


  • Support the mission, core values and work of WRV.
  • Plan and position WRV for the future.
  • Act as an ambassador for WRV, helping to establish relationships with strategically important constituencies.
  • Support and supervise the executive director.
  • Assist in securing financial resources and oversee the responsible management of financial resources.
  • Make a “significant” (specific to each board member) annual contribution to WRV.
  • Support fundraising activities at some level in accordance with one’s interests and talents.


Becoming a Board Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the WRV board, please contact info@wrv.org.


Every board member should be familiar with WRV and be personally committed to its goals and core values. Board members should also have good communication skills, initiative, good decision-making and planning skills, be a team player, a creative problem solver, and flexible and inclusive. Prior experience on non-profit boards is desired but not a requirement.


New board members are assigned an established board member as their mentor. Each new member receives access to online files that include board meeting agendas and minutes, bylaws, our mission statement, core values, and strategic plan.

Time commitment

The board meets about nine times per year, officially bimonthly, but WRV adds a few meetings to address important topics as they arise. The annual board retreat is typically one weekend day in January. Each member is expected to participate in at least one WRV committee and to participate in some WRV volunteer projects and activities. The term is two years.  Multiple terms are encouraged, with a maximum of three consecutive terms.