Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

20th Anniversary Challenge

Celebrate WRV’s 20th Anniversary by completing the 20th Anniversary Challenge!  Over the course of our season, we’ll be releasing twenty challenges for our volunteers.  Each of these challenges is part of a broader commitment to our mission, our lands, and our community.  We’ll be announcing each of these challenges via our social media, one by one, over the course of the season. But, you can view all challenges below right now! Join the celebration, and pledge to as many challenges as you can!


Join the 20 Project Club

Try to reach 20 total projects by the end of 2019. Review your personal profile or contact annemarie@wrv.org to see how many more events you have to reach to join the 20 project club!

Try a New Project

Do you always volunteer on the the same type of project every year or in the same locations? Ever wanted to try collecting seeds or building trail, but not sure you know how? We want you to grow with us and encourage you to try something new this year! Find a project here!

Volunteer 20 Times This Season

Up your game this year and try to volunteer 20 days or on 20 projects with us in ONE season! You can do it!

Train in a new leader role or refresh your skills

Challenge yourself this year to train in a new leader role so that you can be even more versatile on our projects!

Become a NEW WRV Leader in 2019

You know who you are…you come to tons of projects, you always lend an extra helping hand, you tend to notice details and find that other volunteers seem to ask you lots of questions. You sound like a natural leader to me, so why not take the plunge and join us for a weekend of Wildlands University in 2019 and become a leader this year! Learn more about leadership!


Pledge to Carpool… or Even Ride a Bike!

Ever wish we could reduce the carbon footprint of WRV projects? We agree, and that’s why we added the option to carpool to every single project registration in 2018. For 2019, choose “I can drive or ride” when you register for each project and pledge to try and carpool to each and every one. Live within 5-10 miles of a project location? Why not hop on your bike and ride to a few projects? Plus, then you get to eat even more great food when you work up that extra appetite.

No More Waste

Do you always feel guilty grabbing a disposable cup or plate at a project? Do you always intend to bring a reusable mug, but always forget? We feel ya! In order to help us reduce waste at projects, pack yourself a reusable mess kit and keep it with your daypack. Great items to include are: water bottle, bowl, spoon, a mug and a bandana for a napkin.


Bring a Friend

We all have them…those friends who always love our stories from projects and say “I really need to come out and volunteer next time with you”. Well, find a way to get that friend out on a project and help them discover a love for volunteering just like you! Be persistent, but be sure to help them choose a project that is right for their fitness and enthusiasm level…having fun is a key to them returning! Feel free to send them to our Volunteer Experience page to learn more about what it will be like!

Engage Youth From Your Community

Do you know an amazing young adult in your community who might be a great fit for WRV? Why not help them explore the world and invite them to attend a project with you? Just be sure to check with their parents first, or better yet, invite the whole family to come out. Many of WRV’s projects are appropriate for youngsters and almost all projects are appropriate for teens and young adults aged 16 and up. Check out our Youth and Family Program!

Grow Our Community

Do you belong to a community group…sports club, frisbee team, book club, competitive knitting circle? Why not grab some brochures from our office and work with our Outreach Team to do a small presentation or casual talk about WRV to your group. Who knows, maybe they all want to come out on a project with you as a group activity? Ready to sign up? Click here!

Meet 20 New People at Projects

We are all a bit set in our ways, which means we naturally tend to hang out with the folks we know on projects. Why not help some of those new volunteers feel welcome…it just might be the one thing that makes them come back to volunteer on another project? Or introduce yourself to a new group of veteran volunteers. All it takes is an introduction and a smile, and by the end of the day, you’ll be sharing an end of day beverage with your new friends, making plans to volunteer on another project together.


Encourage a Friend to Become a Donor

Do you have a friend or relative that you think might support the WRV mission and has the means to give a little back to our wild places? Why not help them discover WRV and bring them to a project, social event, or even just share your passion with them through stories…your encouragement can go a long way to help us with much needed financial support each year.

Help Us Find New Donors

Have you always wondered if your place of work or a business you know about might be interested in our mission? Many businesses have charitable giving goals that focus on community and the environment. A personal connection or introduction goes a long way in helping WRV connect to these great business leaders and we could always use your help! Contact annemarie@wrv.org if you think you can play matchmaker.

Commit to the BIG 20!

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t ask you to go big…make a one-time donation or pledge to spread out your donations to reach the $20,000 mark. We can work with you to support goals that are near and dear to your heart and as always, you can be an anonymous donor. No matter what, you’ll still get that warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you made a lasting impact in your community. Contact sarah@wrv.org for details today!

Commit to 20 Years of Restoration

Already a donor that gives each year? Why not make a lasting commitment to the sustainability of WRV with your pledge to donate for the next 20 years. Contact sarah@wrv.org to make your sustaining pledge today.

Celebrate 20 by Giving an Extra $20

You give each and every year and become a member each and every year. Why not celebrate and give an extra $20 bucks to celebrate our 20th year of restoration?

Share and inspire

Be an Ambassador

Be an ambassador at a project and sign up to greet visitors to the natural places where we run the projects. It’s a great way to educate the community about our work and help them understand the commitment of our volunteers. Who knows, you might even recruit a few new volunteers! Contact annemarie@wrv.org for more information!

Spread the News

Do you take great photos? Are you the one with all the witty remarks on social media? Help us spread the word and enrich our community by posting photos, reviews and comments from projects and events on social media. Tag a few friends and help us inspire more people to get involved.


Do you hike all the time and tend to be the one to strike up conversations with strangers and make fast friends on the trail? Why not carry some literature about WRV and spread the word to new people you meet…you never know if a seed you plant with germinate and grow into a new volunteer! Contact annemarie@wrv.org for more information.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We can talk all day about WRV, but an amazing photo is what grabs at the heart and gets someone’s curiosity piqued. Sign up to be a photographer on project and share your photos with our staff and volunteers and we can all stop suffering through our smudged, crooked, and out of focus cell phone shots (okay…we still like the goofy project selfies….)!