Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Technical Advisor


The Technical Advisor (TA) is a bridge between WRV and the land management agency for the technical aspects of the project.


The TA works with the agency to co-create and/or clarify the technical goals of a project, creates a work plan for the project, and effectively communicates the technical needs of the project to the crew leaders.


  • Translate the scope of work into a project plan that includes determining the number of volunteers, crew assignments, and a recommended tool list.
  • Communicate the technical requirements of the project to the project team and crew leaders through crew leader orientation and technical notes.
  • Serve as the technical liaison between WRV and the land management agency.
  • Undertake project-related design work as needed.
  • Be considered for a specific project based on their subject matter or design related experience in a specific field such as ecological restoration, trails, or construction.
  • Coordinate the work on project day.
  • Ensure the project is completed to the standards of the agency and WRV.
  • Mentor ATAs (Assistant Technical Advisors) as needed.


Background or Qualifications

Anyone desiring to be a TA should first be a qualified crew leader. It is also helpful to have a background in resource management, habitat restoration, botany, erosion control, ecology, hydrology, landscape architecture, or trail work but this is not mandatory.

Training and Preparation

Anyone desiring to be a TA should attend projects of the type for which they want to be a TA, become an assistant TA, and attend any TA training class that WRV offers. Each new ATA is matched with a TA mentor to enhance the learning experience.

Meetings and Site Visits

A TA attends an on-site orientation with the agency as well as any additional site visits prior to the project day; the number of visits depends on the complexity of the project. The TA coordinates and leads a crew leader orientation meeting prior to project day, writes technical notes, attends all project team meetings, and arrives at the project site one hour before the volunteers on project day.


Technically lead at least one project per year.


The TA will lead the design effort, lead the crew leaders, and work with the WRV project team and the land management agency. The TA will also evaluate the effectiveness of the design plan after the project.

Measures of Success

  • A high-quality project that meets the mission of WRV
  • Well written, concise, and usable technical notes
  • Good technical design
  • Good communication
  • Satisfied agency personnel
  • Happy, satisfied crew leaders and volunteers