Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Alan Carpenter

A Legacy of Inspiration: Longtime Volunteer Leaves a Long-Term Gift

As the author of a book on choices that nurture body, mind, and spirit, Alan Carpenter knows a thing or two about feeling good. And as a longtime WRV volunteer and board member, Alan knows it feels good when he makes contributions. “It doesn’t feel like my money is walking out the door, instead I feel all the good it’s doing.” The avid backpacker and ecologist has shared his sweat equity, professional expertise, and financial gifts with WRV for 20 years and realized there was still more he could do.

“I included WRV as a beneficiary on my life insurance policy,” says Alan. “My wife and I own our home and have retirement accounts. We put our children through school, and I thought, why not leave a gift to WRV? Our kids think it’s cool.” This way of leaving a legacy gift is free, easy to do, and does not affect Alan’s current finances.

Legacy gifts power restoration for future generations. They are a wonderful way to contribute to organizations that contribute to the community. Alan recalls suggesting another nonprofit begin a legacy giving program back in 1988. “Like planting a tree, 10 years ago is the best time, but now is the second-best time.”

Alan hopes that if other volunteers and donors know people are leaving legacy gifts, they will consider doing the same. “My goal is to inspire others! I’ve had plenty of inspiration bestowed upon me!”

If you are planning on leaving a legacy gift to WRV or would like more information on doing so, please contact Sarah Egolf-Tarr, Director of Development at sarah@wrv.org or (303) 543-1411, ext. 108