Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Tell Us About Your Project

We welcome proposals for all types of projects at any stage of development, whether you just have an idea, or you’re ready to put volunteers in the field.
For more information on what we are looking for, see our Project Selection Criteria.

Start a conversation with us by September 1.
Applications are accepted at any time, but our project schedule fills up fast. Early applications are considered immediately.

If you are just beginning to assess what your project needs are, it’s best to give us a call (303) 543-1411 ext. 101, or email kevin@wrv.org.  If you already have a plan, fill out an application form with as much information as you can provide. The more information you can provide, the better we can understand your needs. We are happy to work with all stages of development for a project–from just an idea, to projects with a full design that are shovel-ready.

Once we receive your application, we will schedule a site visit with you to scout your project. This helps us to better understand the project scope, site logistics, technical concerns, and your expectations.